Sunday, 2 September 2012

Monthly Favourites | August

It's a tiny bit late, but not by much. I thought this would be the perfect post for me to get back into the swing of  blogging again.

Last month my favourites consisted of new products I tried and some I rediscovered in my storage and just decided to use again - and have wondered why I ever abandoned them!

I bought this face scrub a while ago and literally just forgot about it but I started using it again. I really like it - it manages to get daily grime and make up off your face and leaves it smooth, mattified and clean. I mainly just use it as a scrub because the wash and scrub purpose is practically the same and the mask kind of changes to a scub/wash when you wash it off anyways... But I really like it.

There's quite a hype about this foundation - and I totally understand why. The reason why its my favorite for August is because it's so easy to blend into my skin especially due to the colour which is pretty much an exact match for me (I wear 200 Soft beige), it gives a lovely glowy/dewey finish and it also contains spf 15 which it good for the summer months although this summer hasn't really been that summery/sunny...

I bought this on offer at boots - which I still think is running - and I love this! After cleansing, it really rehydrates and cools my skin back down. It smells so nice - like rosewater -aswell and spritzing it on my face is so refreshing.

(This is on offer for 3 for 2 at boots) I don't usually like smelling OF a specific scent but this is an exemption - vanilla is such a classic scent and just smells really nice. It's really affordable at £2 each so it's perfect for me to throw into my bag and spritz throughout the day or taking to the gym after a good workout.

5. Revon Matte Eye Shadow - Shade, Rich Sable
This is the perfect shade for me to fill in any gaps in my eye brows. It's lovely smooth texture and has good pigmentation. It's also great for a neutral eye look.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful, what products are your monthly favourites?

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