Friday, 30 December 2011

NOTIFY - 3 for 2 on Boots No.7 items

("NOTIFY" is going to be a new series of posts I do to let you know of any offers, promotions, etc that are existing at the time. Additionally, I am not being paid to do this, I'm doing it to keep you all updated and so you don't miss out on an offers.)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Garnier Summer Body

We all want that little bit of a glow in the winter, and for those of you that aren't fake tan users; this is the perfect solution.

Out of all the gradual tanners I've used, this is one of my favourites. The consistency is really smooth and light and therefore really easily soaks into your skin and is never streaky. The lotion itself smells really nice, like apricots. I've been using the one in "Light" as I'm not bothered about looking brown and tanned all the time, I just that added glow as my natural skin tone is quite tanned anyway. The tan pay off isn't darastic, you wont really notice it straight away; for me after one application, it gives me a slight glow after its been absorbed, but this is the type of product that you need to build up to get a good colour payoff if you want to look to like you've just come back from a holiday. It's also a really good moisturiser, hence the reason why I use it most days and it's not greasy so I also find it quite good for my face. This is definetly an essential mine and will be repurchasing it.

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes Extra Gentle

I'm so sorry for neglecting you blog! It's been a while, so I'm going to take full advantage of a dull rainy Saturday afternoon by dashing out as many post as my creative juices will let me..

I've recently gotten back into having make-up wipes in my night time skin routine as I haven't really been using them... Whilst going round a shop (of which I cant remeber what it was) I saw the Kleenex Facial  Extra Gentle Cleansing Wipes on offer for £1.50 and decided to try them out.

I expected good things from this brand as Kleenex tissies are renound for their soft and gentleness on your sniffly nose or runny eyes. Yeah, they are really soft and the wipe its self is thick, of good quality with fibres tightly woven together so you dont get any of that fluffy debris you get from cheaper wipes. However, its a really weird on with this wipe - they dont glide smoothly across your face; they sort of pull at the skin, as if it's causing friction, but thet aren't rough.. Does that make sense? Those of you that have tried these will know what I mean.. Also, I really hate the smell - I surpose it's becuase they're the sensitive ones - it's that kind of wierd chemical smell... On the other hand, I like the packaging and the good stickiness of the label which keeps them moist, and aditionally, they are very moist wipes. You get 24 wipes for around £2, which is alright, however I dont think this is going to be a repurchase.

Monday, 14 November 2011

What I Got...

I've been wanting these trousers for so long and finally got them. They're from River Island for £30, althought a little pricey for trousers; I adore them so much and they will definetly get worn. So PPW (Price Per Wear :P) is defiently worth it. Also I took a photo of them, but it did not do them - epecially the colour - justice.

Then got a few things from Primark:

Some comfy, soft pj bottoms. £5
Green Cardigan £6
Cream Mittens £2
Pack of Two Gloves £1

I also bought some socks but they're bore'.. and another jumper but the photo wont upload...

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Songs I'm Loving at the Moment...

This is my 2nd post of this title. It's a little irrelevant to my blog, but I just need to share these songs cause I love them so much right now!

The first one is Earthquake by Labrinth ft Tinie Tempah.
Labrinth is a musical genius. Even though he doesn't release loads himself, when he does, its just quality. And what he produces for other artists is just... :) SNM. And Tinie Tempah <3
Check out the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Version too.

2. We Found Love - Rihanna ft Calvin Harris
Yeah, the video is quite explicit - it reminds me of that program Skins, but this song is actually really beautiful.

3. Lego House - Ed Sheeran

I just love Ed Sheeran so much! And I love the fact he used Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasly) in the video which makes me love it even more!
What made me LOL in the comments of this video was; someone was like "Since when did Rupert Grint sing?" They were being serious too :P

Hope you liked this post. What songs are you loving at the moment?

Sarah x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Superdrug 3 for 2

I recently got a newsletter via email from Superdug about their 3 for 2 (getting the cheapest item free) offer on ALL cosmetics. I simply couldn't resist; so I went down today and got 3 things that I've wanted for ages..

As there was so much to choose from it took me absolutely ages to decide but I ended up getting:

*Loreal Lash Architect 4D, £10.99

Excuse the annoying Superdrug security label which are hellish to get of... 
*Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, £9.99

AGGH, so annoying. Sometimes they upload the wrong way. Why?
*Sleek Face Contour Kit, £6.50

This came up to £20.98 all together, and my goodness, I feel guilty spending this much in one go on make up, I never have before :S. But I spent 100 of my 'Beauty points' do I got £1 off but still... :/ Oh well...

Reviews coming soon! Have you tried any of these products, what do you think?

Sarah x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

Only recently, I've been considering concealer as a essential. I've only had about 3 different brands, and now I think I've found one I will never turn my back on.

It's the  Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concelaer. There has been such a hype on this product as being the best high street/lower brand - what ever you wanna call it - concealer.

So, I'll start of with the consistency - Which is absolutely perfect. It's nice and creamy but not too thick. Also you don't need a lot to cover up blemishes - or under eye circles, like what I use it for - as it's highly pigmented.

It has a doe-foot applicator (similar to a lip gloss wand) (I forgot to take a picture) which makes it easy to apply a perfect amount.

It claims to last for 16 hours, although this is not a necessity for most people, it does just mean it will last without needing touch up and also says it's transfer proof. I do agree with this.

The thing I don't like about this product is the packaging. - It has a slightly soft plastic tube which just doesn't seem as 'slick'. Also the writing scratches off easily. As a matter of fact - I used this the other morning and put it back in my make up bag, the later on, the same day, I took it out to photograph; and the writing smudged off into my hand. :/ How annoying?! (You can see the smudge on the picture) But this is just a minor thing. This product is still quite mighty.

However, the only major gripe I have with this is that sometimes it makes my under eye area look a little ashy - so I have to add a little of my Natural Collection Concealer in Medium to darken it a little. I do find this weird though, as this concealer is darker than my Natural Collection Concealer in Light - and I could use that without mixing it with anything... Hmm...

I have it in the shade:

And it's also available in:
  • Fair 1
  • Medium 3 
  • Dark 4
I really do like this product due to the results and also the affordability of it as it being only £4.19 in Superdrug and Boots.

I would highly recommend this concealer :)

Sarah x

What do you think about it? What concealers do you recommend?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

I thought I'd give Carmex a break for a bit; just because I've been using it for so long, and honestly, it doesn't give me the same feeling on my lips as it used to...

And seeing how much I adore Palmers Cocoa Butter I thought I'd give Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Lip Balm a go.

It smells super good - much like the body lotion. It goes on your lips really smoothly and evenly as it's in stick form.

However, I don't like the feeling it has on my lips when it's on there. It feels like a thick coating even though I've only been over once. Also after a while it begins to turn bits of my lips white, which I really hate...

It also contains SPF 15.

The packaging is a plastic tube, with a screw thing on-top to get more product out. I like the fact that it's not bulky either and fits in my pocket nicely.

Overall, I don't really like this product due to the white stuff it leaves on my lips after a while... :/ I think that this would be good if you suffer from really dry lips though... I wouldn't buy it again.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Sorry again for the lack of posts - I just really haven't had the time... Plus I've been meaning to do this post for a while...

A few months back I went out to buy a new foundation; I was heading towards the Bourjois stand in Superdug when I saw Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation on offer for only £5.99. I couldn't resist, and it would save me a few bob. :)
Sorry about the skewness :S

I spent ages swatching to find my shade, and settled on True Ivory in the end. However, I was a little dubious about my choice in the end - I thought it was too light and could have done with the shade up. But on the other hand; Winter is practically here so I'm not gunna be tanned anyway...

When I used it for the first time; I was pleasantly surprised. I was reasonably tanned and it actually matched and did not make me look washed out. The shade was spot on - this may be down to the "Smart Tone" technology within the foundation, which claims to adapt to the colour and texture of the skin, which I believes it actually does.

It evens out my skin tone and leaves a smooth texture, also it does not cake. I really love the finish. The coverage is light to medium and is build-able if you want a more full coverage.

The consistency is nice too; really easy to blend and apply onto your face...

I like the packaging too; with the glass bottle and the pump - which makes it easy and mess free.

This product is kind of scented - it smells kind of like a typical body lotion smell...

I think this is definitely worth what I paid for it, however when it's not on offer it is reasonably priced at £8.99 - still worth it! :)

I would definitely recommend :D

Sarah x

Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Shoes! :P

A girl can never have too many shoes!

I've been wanting a pair of these type of shoes for ages... But I never got round to purchasing some, but I finally have. They're shoe boots!

I just love the way they look. And they can give an outfit that edgy, cool look.

So these are what I purchased:

How yummy are they?!

I got them from New Look and they are in a grey faux suade. There're were also available in black and in a mauve colour in the New Look I went to - the Shephards Bush Westfield one.

They have a block heel which is on trend and it's also way more practical as they're so much more sturdier to walk in. I haven't worn them out yet, but I will do soon.

If you ever need a pair of heels and you live in the UK, I really suggest going to New Look. All their shoes are really reasonably priced and the majority of their shoes are stunning. They have a huge variety too!

Please excuse the socks and pyjamas :P  - I really wanted to do this post and show you what they look like on, but I'm really ill at the moment due to this English weather - hot, cold, windy, raining... Make up your mind!

They also have a zip at the back to get them on and off easier.

This is the bottom and as you can see there's mcuh more surface area on the heel. And they were only £19.99! How good is that?

I think these are a staple for your wardrobe and I will probably purchase another pair in a slightly different style and colour. Also, if you need heels; I definitely having a look round in a New Look.

Sarah x

Monday, 3 October 2011

Toner... What is it?

Before I start; I just wanna say this is the first post I've done using the new layout, so please forgive me if it's not that good..

Okay, so this is just gunna be in laymans terms. I wont go into a lot of detail because you probably wont want to know all the ins and outs of it.

Most people have heard that in your skin care routine you should do the whole - cleanse, tone and moisturise thing. Yeah, most people cleanse (wash) their faces and moisturise. They're the most obvious. But what's toning?

Basically, there are 3 main reasons for toning:

1. To remove any remainders of make up and your cleanser - you know how some of them have those tiny bead things in - yeah those. It removes them..

2. To get your skin back to it's normal PH level. As your skin is slightly acidic; using certain products to wash your face disturbs the usual PH so using a toner will help it get back to normal quicker.

And 3. To close your pores back up. After cleansing, your pores are open - so most of the clogged dirt has come out. You should try to close your pores back up after so that no more flying dust/dirt particles go back into them. Using a toner will close them.

This information is for those of you who want it. I'm not saying that you really need to; because honestly, I don't tone much. But after writing this post, I think I'm gunna make it part of my routine and see if it makes a difference..

There's loads of toners out there; but I suggest getting one to match your skin type, one that will work well in conjunction to your other skin care products (like one from thee same brand/collection) and also not one that way too pricey - just cause toner is mainly water, there's not much point paying loads for 'souped up' water...

I hope you found this useful :)


Friday, 23 September 2011

This Brush... SNM.

For a while I was trying to find a good brush to apply my liquid foundation... I considered brands - like MAC, QVS, Sigma - and type of brush - a typical paddle foundation brush, stipple brush, kabuki brush - but in the end  I went for the ELF Powder Brush. I bout this a few weeks ago now because I thought I'd give it a proper trial.

You may be thinking "ELF stuff is too cheap to be good quality" or "Powder brush? Why would you use a powder brush to apply foundation?" But lemme tell you; this brush is not a let down.

When I saw pictures of this brush I thought that the bristles looked really cheap, thin and flimsy. But I did hear really good things about it. And when I actually started using it; it was so so soft on the skin and distributed my liquid foundation really smoothly and really evenly. I got a really nice finish!

Yeah, the bristles are soft but they are rigid enough that it spreads the foundation around. They are also synthetic so the product isn't absorbed into the bristles, like as if it was natural bristles.

It comes in a plastic pvc pouch so you can store it in there and it also has a pvc brush guard around it which protects the brush head and keep the shape.

I also think the style of the brush does make it look quite classy and professional.

I have also tried it with powder and I really like they way it applies powder too. I might purchase myself another one.

Lastly, I've been using it for about 2/3 weeks now and I've deep cleaned it around once a week, and not yet has it started shedding... I'll keep you posted.

So let me get down to the price. It's only... *Drum Roll* ... £3.50! Seriously, this is such a good value brush, I would actually expect it to be much more. I can not stress how much I recommend this brush; plus of you don't like it - you've only payed £3.50. Have a peep on the web site:

A 10 out of 10! :D

Sarah x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder

Hello everyone, hope everyones doing well :)

So, the other week I picked up a few things from Superdrug and one of them was this:

I wasn't intending to buy this but I saw it and thought I might as well give it ago. I've never used a loose powder before so I didn't want to spend alot just incase I didn't like it. Plus you cant find a set answer to what's better out of loose or pressed powder on Google just because it's subjective and people prefer different things..

I also needed a new sheer/translucent powder as I've hit pan on some of mine. And I like colourless powders because I find colour matching powders to myself is just longg and plus I use it to set my foundation. Personally, I don't see much point in putting a coloured powder over your foundation...

So, if you unscrew the lid there's a rubbish quality powder puffs (which I don't use and I don't recommend using as it tends to make the powder cake on...) and one of those sieve type things to shake the powder out. I find these things slightly awkward to get the powder out but I've found my way. :P

I've noticed that a loose powder gives a bit more coverage than a pressed powder so I find it's best to be quite sparing with it if you don't want a too/proper matt finish. I prefer a little dewy/natural shine look (But not too shiny)

I do really like this product and it's well worth the price as it's only £2.99 for 20g. What a bargain? It's just a good product to use everyday just to set your foundation and get rid of shine.

But the only downfalls is that it doesn't last too long - probably around 2/3hours, then some shine comes back. But then again what powder keeps shine to a minimum for quite a long time? And another thing is that it can get a little messy as with all loose powders. I'd hate to sneeze or knock it the powder by accident - it would just go everywhere...

But other than that, it is worth it. This is perfect if you don't have a big budget to blow or you're unsure on loose powder and what to give it a trial first or something.

So yeah... :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Elf's Here!

My Elf package has finally arrived! About time too...

These are my first ever e.l.f products and I thought I'll give them ago because I've heard such good things about them. I've heard the products are of good quality; but highly it's highly unlikely that they're MAC standard due to their price. But that's why people love this brand so much - Because you get good quality products for such an affordable price. Most of the stuff on the e.l.f website is cheaper than any high street branded products such as; Rimmel or Collection 2000, etc...

I only ordered two things because I didn't wanna go all out for something I haven't tried before. 

The main thing I wanted to get was the Powder Brush from the Studio Range because I've heard it's really good for applying liquid foundation - despite the name. And it was only £3.50 (Almost everything in the studio range is £3.50 - so really affordable!)

I will do a review on this after I've use it a few times but on first impressions - it's really soft.

And the other thing I got was the Eye Brow Kit also from the Studio Range. I wanted to try this as I had my eye on the Urban Decay Brow Box but didn't hear anything that good about it and this is a much cheaper alternative.
(For some reason it will only upload side ways... :S)
The only thing I was disappointed by was that the delivery was quite slow because loads of other people were ordering and they couldn't keep up with the orders. But it came in the end :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Super Smooth, Shiny Nails

I got really bored the other evening, and literally had nothing to do.. My nails were looking a little un-cared for so I though i'd give them some TLC and make them look nice.

I didn't really feel like paining them a colour so I just went for a natural look, and they looked like this (Looked being the key word, a few days on, they don't look like this anymore...):

This is a great everyday way to have your nails. If you don't wanna be too out there or you just need or want a more nautral look. It's also a super way to protect your nails - I used to do art at school/sixth form, and with doing something like that; it means your gunna have to get your hands and nails a little grubby at times. Especially if you're using something like Acrylic paint, which dries super hard and is a nightmare to get off. This protects your nails and helps it come off much easier.

To get them looking super slick like this, I used:

Nail polish remover first; to get any remaining dirt and paint off them. It's available in loads of places but I'm sure you have some of this knocking around your house somewhere already. As you can see; I'm almost out of it...

I then used one of these manicure/ pedicure kits. They use these kind of things in nail parlours to prep and file nails down. These aren't that expensive either. This one came free with my mums foot spa but you can pick them up in most big supermarkets, shops that do cosmetics (Botts, Superdrug, etc) or even Argos for around £10.

I just used the small filing tools to shape my nails into roundish tips and also lightly file off the top layer of nail. Do not overly file or you could damage your nail. I just go over it so that it feels and looks a little rough. I then brushed away the nail dust with the small brush with this kit.

But if you don't have or cant get a hold of one of these kits, you can use a normal emery/nail file board and lightly go ever your nail in one direction, away from the cuticles.

I then used The Body Shops Mango Boby Butter to moisturise my skin around the nails and cuticles. You can use any creme or lotion for this.

To smooth the nail I used one of these things (I dunno what they're called):

It's basically a board with four steps. And you rub it over your nails in the order it says. It doesn't grind any nail off. Each piece of board does what it says. After using it your nails will be really smooth. I didn't use the 'Polish' bit because that makes them shiny and I thought there was not point seeing as I'm gunna paint them... 

You can pick one of these up at most shops where they do nail stuff, in the manicure/pedicure section. I've also see them in Tesco. You can pick one up for about £3 or £4.

To finish, paint your nails with a clear nail varnish or top coat. I recommend using two coats. For this I used Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Nail, in Ice Cube.

I really like this product because it gives a nice finish, it has a wide brush and it's inexpensive. You can get it at a Collection 2000 stand for around £3.

So that's how I got lovely looking natural nails. Give it a go. :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Songs I'm Loving at the Moment..

This is a bit of a different post to what I usually do, but I just had to share these songs cause seriously.. I can't get enough of them. But then again, In a week or so I will get bored of them from playing them so much. Oh well - I live for the moment. :P

1. You and I - Lady Gaga
Not sure on the video - Haven't a clue what she's trying to get across - but I am in love with this song.

2. How to Love - Lil Wayne
So different to this other stuff. Just shows - everyone has a soft side

3. Otis - Kanye West & Jay Z
I love Jay Z - he's just too cool - Kanye, not so much. But these two have tallent - This is a collab' made in heaven. I'm deffinetly going to get the album and I look forward to some of their other stuff.

4. You Need Me, I Don't Need You - Ed Sheeran
I love this guy - The coolest ginger ever. And he has just pure tallent. I love the video for the mainstream version but I love this -  'Rasta man time' -  version more

This is the only actual video on here because it's the only one not from Vevo. It's from SBTV. One of my favourite youtube channels :)

5. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
I don't want to love this song; but I do. It's just too catchy...

You can probably tell I have a wide taste in music. But I never listen to stuff like classical or jazz or heavy rock and stuff like that - It scares me... :P

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Freebie Alert: Burberry Body Perfume Sample

Burberrys new perfume Burberry Body is due for release on the 1st September (the day after tomorrow).

And to celebrate and promote Burberry Body they are giving away free (Yay, free!) samples. All you have to do is 'Like' their Facebook page, click request, then fill in your details.

And... apparently it's 30ml! I dunno if this is true, but it's what I heard. If it is, thats too amazing but if not - it's a free sample :P

However there is limited stock and it's on a first come, first serve basis. I believe it's also 1 per person. So get rolling! :P It's also available world wide - It's not just a UK thing :)

Hope you get one! 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Brush on a Budget

I cant help but notice that make up brushes by higher end brands are the ones that get raved about on the internet. I think MAC needs to let other brushes in on the scene...

Although I do own a few MAC brushes, I don't have the money to buy all the brushes I use from MAC. So, I always keep an eye out far any alternatives to higher end brushes.

I bought my first make up brush when I was around 15/16 as this was when I first started using foundation. I thought as I was using foundation I will need a brush named specifically for applying foundation - now I have learnt that there are different brushes that I can use like stippling ones, round kabuki style ones, etc..) so I bought one from Superdrug from the brand QVS. This brand isn't that well known I don't think but it's brilliant for if your on a budget.

So that's what my brush looks like. It's a usual sized foundation brush, with a long plastic handle.

The bristles are synthetic which are soft but also quite stiff so you have a bit more control. This makes it good to use with liquid foundations. It distributes the product evenly and smoothly around your face. Its also roundly tapered. You have to make sure you keep it flat too.

This brush is flat, so its thinner from the side than the front. With this type of brush - however - they do tend to make the foundation smear a little; so the way I recommend using it is with little strokes rather then pulling the product all over the place and not lifting it off the face.

You might have noticed that my brush has a few stray bristles; but don't be put off by this. I have had this brush for two years now and I use it occasionally. As with all brushes, they do show wear and tear over time. So this is pretty normal.

As this post is titled - this is a brush on a budget. When got this brush, it was really cheap - around £3 to £4, however there's all this recession/credit crunch business going on and has been for a while now. Prices on most things have gone up. It's now £4.79 in Superdrug which is a steal - Much cheaper than a MAC or Chanel brush. It's very good value!

I do quite like this brush - I have to be honest that it's not the best or my favourite but I have had it for a long time and it's very inexpensive, and also gives a smooth finish!

I'd give it a 6/10. So for those of you on a budget - it's the perfect foundation brush for you!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Black and Yellow

"Uh huh, you know what it is, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow"

You like my nails? I call these 'The bumble bee' . And really it's really easy to do. All you need is Barry M Instant Nail Effects

It's a good way to switch up your nails a bit, and I don't think I'm very good at nail art - My right hand always comes out rubbish. I heard about this product and I thought I might as well give it a go.

The Instant Nail Effects nail polish gives a crackly look on your nails as you can see, and you can see it happen right in front of your eyes. I bought it in black because it goes well with any colour.

So, first of all just prep your nails and do what you do normally before painting them (File, base coat, etc...) Then paint the under colour on; I used a Barry M nail paint in 307.

I bought this in Boots for £2.99, but it's available in Superdrug and probably other shops where they sell cosmetics and stuff. And there's a wide range of colours to choose from.

I'd recommend using at least two coats but preferably three; especially with lighter colours.

Then, all you do is just paint the Instant Nail Effects on. You only need one coat of this and you should avoid going overlapping it. It doesn't matter too much, but you just get a better effect otherwise.

This retails for around £3.99 and this one is in the colour 311. There's also a couple more colours you can get it in too.

As you can see it looks slightly matt, if you like it like that you can leave it. But I suggest using a top coat or clear varnish on top to avoid it chipping easily and to give it some shine.

This is a really good product. It's unique nails in an instant. I'd give it a 8/10 for ease of use and the brilliant effect of gives. The only thing is for me is that it chips quite easy..

"Everything I do, yeah, I do it big" Wiz Kalifa - Black and Yellow

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Similar but Cheaper..

So I recently did a post on stuff from River Island and I included these gourgeous shoes:
These shoes are £45 and I do really love them. However lost of us know River Island isn't exactly the cheapest shop. There are probably loads of cheaper alternatives to these, however on my Twitter I saw a tweet from @persianbabechat with a picture of some shoes. 

These shoes are really similar to these ones but considerably cheaper: Click here to see the picture

And they were from Primark for only £14!! Woo, go Primani!! :P

I will definitely be on my way to grab a pair


Friday, 19 August 2011

Natural Collection Creamy Concealers

I don't really go to Boots as much as I go to Superdrug. Like most of my make up is from Superdrug. But occasionally I go into Boots for a quick browse. On one occasion when I was in there; I went to the Natural Collection stand. I've heard good things from this brand from youtube so I thought I'd give something a go.

Recently, I've moved away from using foundation. My skin has been behaving lately so I'm only needing to use concealer to cover up the imperfections. I was looking for a decent but reasonably priced concealer when I stumbled across these:

The writing has rubbed off slightly but it says Natural Collection.

I couldn't find a reason not for me to purchase one as they are only £1.99. So at first I bought the one in shade 'light'.

I used it for a couple of days and I was impressed with it but realised it was slightly too light for me, so I then went back to buy the one in 'medium'. But.. found that it's a tad too dark. I've been using them ever since I bought them, but I need to mix them to get the right shade for me.

I love the formulation. It's not too thick, dry or too watery - it's just right for a creamy concealer, it's easy and smooth to apply. Especially for the under eye area - you don't wanna be moving the skin too aggressively because its quite delicate.

The coverage is great also. I find it more effective if I blend it in using my fingers than using a brush. Just make sure your fingers are clean. There is an applicator for it though. Its like one of those lipgloss wand things:

I just dot it around where I need it and blend in.

I couple of things I don't like about it is that the product collects around the top of the wand as you can see in the picture. But you can just wipe it off with your finger and put it on your face.. Another thing is that, I think it only comes in two shades - the ones that I have in 'light' and 'medium' - but correct me if I'm wrong, they're the only ones I've seen on the stands. So if your lighter than the 'light' shade or darker than the 'medium' shade I don't think it's right for you - unless you mix it with something else..

However, I think overall this is a good product. It's nicely sized and will easily fit in your bag for touchups throughout the day. And how can you go wrong with it being under £2. I will defiantly be trying some other Natural Collection stuff and almost everything in it is under £2. I rate this product a 8/10.