Friday, 22 February 2013

Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I was really excited to try out this product and I'm aiming to find some texturising and voluminsing products for my hair - also I've always wanted to try a salt spray. However, although impressed at first I was slightly disappointed with this.

When you initially spray it on your hair, it smells really nice and fresh. Instantly, you can see soft waves forming in your hair - and by scrunching as you spray, it encourages them to form more. However, within like  1-2 hours my hair looked exactly them same, prior to using this - straight and normal. The next time I used it, I sprayed in some more and set it a bit with hairspray - but it didn't work. I wasn't expecting it to completely wave my hair, with a similar to waving hair with heat, but just wanted some texture to remain. Another issue is that it didn't last me that long, I literally used it about 5 times and the (75ml) bottle was finished.

If you're prepared to keep spritzing your hair throughout the day or you only want the texture for a short period of time, I'd recommend it. However, this product is not for me - it doesn't have the longevity or lack of maintenance.

Is there any texturing or volumising products you'd recommend?

Monday, 18 February 2013

THE Tangle Teezer

The hair brush that claims to painlessly detangle your hair. With it ergonomic shape; it fits into the palm of your hand comfortably to get those stubborn tangles out of your hair. Having long hair myself, I hated brushing through my hair; I hated the breakage and fly-aways it gave so just gave up and only combed it through in the shower - with conditioner! - which would takes me AGES. However, I have my eye on this brush for a while in Boots, but I couldn't justify spending £11 on a hair brush. So, I had a search on ebay and found one to bid on for about £7/8 - I cant really remember.

Anyways, I'm 100% happy with the purchase and I'd highly recommend them - even at the RRP. It has different length bristles which gently detangle hair from the surface of the hair then go deeper in - if that makes sense... - the more you brush through. It does not tug on your hair at all and the bristles aren't too sharp on your scalp so it's really comfortable when brushing through.

I got mine in black but they have a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Toni&Guy | Weekend (A gift of styling essentials)

This was one of the gifts I recieved for Christmas this year and I'm really excited about it. I haven't tried many Toni&Guy products do this gift set is a great opportunity. It all comes in a white faux leather wash bag which is really handy and looks good. It comes with 4 products and some pearl hair screws - although I'm not sure if i'll actually every use them.

The first product (blue bottle) is a 75ml bottle of Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray which I'm excited about trying. I've recently been on the look out for products that will give my long straight locks some texture and movement. (I'm also planning to do a DIY post on making your own sea salt hair spray)

There's a 75ml can of Firm Hold Hairspray which I'm not too fussed about; a small can is always handy to throw into your handbag though.

This Leave In Conditioner is also something which I'd like to try as only recently, I've been trying out leave in products that tame your hair after your washed it.

And lastly is a 250ml bottle (which I believe is a full size) of Shampoo for Advanced Detox. I've never heard of a product like this, and it says its for occasional use. I'm interested to see if this makes a good change to my hair after a build up of products.

I'm really excited to try these products and give them a bit of a trial. Keep an out of for reviews of these individual products coming up on my blog soon.