Sunday, 30 December 2012

What should I bring to the gym?

The new year is upon us and the most common new years resolution is; "I'm gonna lose weight this year". With that in mind I thought it fitting to show you what I usually bring to the gym. You dont have to take the same stuff, this is just an idea - also I don't always take all of this stuff, sometimes I go lighter. 

1. A sports bra is vital for us girls, it will just give you that extra support and comfort - especially if you are doing high impact exercise. There's various types to suit your size and intensity of your workout, the one in the image is linked here.

2. I usually opt for a mens T-shirt as I like a loose fitting top as I find it more comfortable to work out in.

3. I prefer sport leggings over tracksuit bottoms as they're less restricting and keep you cooler if you buy ones that have some sort of drying or cooling technology like Nike's "Dri-Fit".

4. Slazenger sports socks from

5. Trainers: My new Nike Free Run 3 Junior which I got in the sales. Luckily enough I still fit into junior sizes which go up to size 5.5 so I saved myself some more money.

Here's also some other bits I take, I also sometimes take a shower there so I bring a larger towel.

1. Sports earphones: Normal ones fall out my ears every time I run so I bought the ones which hook over your ears, also they're waterproof.

2. A Padlock: Most gyms have lockers so you'll need to bring one along if they don't provide you with one to keep your items safe.

3. Deodorising wipes: To freshen up on days when I'd rather shower when I get home.

4. iPod

5. A case for my iPod which protects it

6. Hairband

7. Roll on deodorant

8. Water bottle

9. Concealer: To quickly fix myself up and stops me from looking half dead when I leave the gym

10. A Small Towel: To wipe down any machines

Hope you found this post useful and have fun working out.

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