Monday, 12 March 2012

Superdrug Dry Shampoo - Chocolate Brownie

I've been considering dry shampoo as an essential just to touch up on those days when my hair's a bit lack luster on the 2nd sometimes 3rd day hair. Batiste is the "go to" brand for dry shampoo, but I've been looking for alternatives as - for me - Batiste isn't too worth it, a can doesn't last me too long. So when I saw this in Superdrug on offer for 99p, I thought I'd just give it ago.

This one's the Chocolate Brownie one and it's coloured brown to suite brunettes so I thought it would be idea. However, I was wrong. Im just going to say it - this is an awful product... So you spray it in and it makes your hair feel cold - but this is quite normal - then expecting it to settle and leave the residue, however it makes your hair just feel wet and sticky... I've tried rubbing and working it in with my fingers but a brown powdery residue came off into my hands and it made no difference to my hair. I looked at my hair in the mirror and it looked worse than before I sprayed it in - even more greasy looking and it felt so horrible...

I thought this could just be a one off so I tried it a few more times and the same thing happened. The only nice thing about it was the smell which is quite okay...

I would never buy it again and wouldn't recommend it... The only other decent alternative to Batiste is this one (my review here).

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