Friday, 2 March 2012

What I Got...

*Black T-Shirt - River Island, £15 
*Patterned Silk Scarf - Primark, £3
*Stripy T-Shirt - Primark, £6
*Revlon Eye Shadows - Superdrug, £4.99
*Lovehearts - Superdrug, Got given them at the counter for free :D
*MUA Lipstick - Superdrug, £1
*Cosmopolitan Magazine - Tesco, £3.50

I arranged other pictures onto a page but the quality has slightly decreased but it's still okay... I finished college early today so I thought I'd do a bit of shopping whilst it was still quiet. I mainly went to get my friends birthday present but as always, came back with other stuff. I'm so happy withe the stuff I got from Superdrug, the Revlon eye shadow palettes were only £4.99 each but normally they're £7.99 - I couldn't resist so I got two. The Lovehearts also I got for free - the lovely guy at the till gave them to me. And lastly, I needed to pop into Tesco for some food but also decided to get Cosmopolitan Magazine as you get two free Clinique products!

There may be some posts on some of these items soon! 

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