Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Elf's Here!

My Elf package has finally arrived! About time too...

These are my first ever e.l.f products and I thought I'll give them ago because I've heard such good things about them. I've heard the products are of good quality; but highly it's highly unlikely that they're MAC standard due to their price. But that's why people love this brand so much - Because you get good quality products for such an affordable price. Most of the stuff on the e.l.f website is cheaper than any high street branded products such as; Rimmel or Collection 2000, etc...

I only ordered two things because I didn't wanna go all out for something I haven't tried before. 

The main thing I wanted to get was the Powder Brush from the Studio Range because I've heard it's really good for applying liquid foundation - despite the name. And it was only £3.50 (Almost everything in the studio range is £3.50 - so really affordable!)

I will do a review on this after I've use it a few times but on first impressions - it's really soft.

And the other thing I got was the Eye Brow Kit also from the Studio Range. I wanted to try this as I had my eye on the Urban Decay Brow Box but didn't hear anything that good about it and this is a much cheaper alternative.
(For some reason it will only upload side ways... :S)
The only thing I was disappointed by was that the delivery was quite slow because loads of other people were ordering and they couldn't keep up with the orders. But it came in the end :)

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