Friday, 23 September 2011

This Brush... SNM.

For a while I was trying to find a good brush to apply my liquid foundation... I considered brands - like MAC, QVS, Sigma - and type of brush - a typical paddle foundation brush, stipple brush, kabuki brush - but in the end  I went for the ELF Powder Brush. I bout this a few weeks ago now because I thought I'd give it a proper trial.

You may be thinking "ELF stuff is too cheap to be good quality" or "Powder brush? Why would you use a powder brush to apply foundation?" But lemme tell you; this brush is not a let down.

When I saw pictures of this brush I thought that the bristles looked really cheap, thin and flimsy. But I did hear really good things about it. And when I actually started using it; it was so so soft on the skin and distributed my liquid foundation really smoothly and really evenly. I got a really nice finish!

Yeah, the bristles are soft but they are rigid enough that it spreads the foundation around. They are also synthetic so the product isn't absorbed into the bristles, like as if it was natural bristles.

It comes in a plastic pvc pouch so you can store it in there and it also has a pvc brush guard around it which protects the brush head and keep the shape.

I also think the style of the brush does make it look quite classy and professional.

I have also tried it with powder and I really like they way it applies powder too. I might purchase myself another one.

Lastly, I've been using it for about 2/3 weeks now and I've deep cleaned it around once a week, and not yet has it started shedding... I'll keep you posted.

So let me get down to the price. It's only... *Drum Roll* ... £3.50! Seriously, this is such a good value brush, I would actually expect it to be much more. I can not stress how much I recommend this brush; plus of you don't like it - you've only payed £3.50. Have a peep on the web site:

A 10 out of 10! :D

Sarah x

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