Sunday, 4 September 2011

Super Smooth, Shiny Nails

I got really bored the other evening, and literally had nothing to do.. My nails were looking a little un-cared for so I though i'd give them some TLC and make them look nice.

I didn't really feel like paining them a colour so I just went for a natural look, and they looked like this (Looked being the key word, a few days on, they don't look like this anymore...):

This is a great everyday way to have your nails. If you don't wanna be too out there or you just need or want a more nautral look. It's also a super way to protect your nails - I used to do art at school/sixth form, and with doing something like that; it means your gunna have to get your hands and nails a little grubby at times. Especially if you're using something like Acrylic paint, which dries super hard and is a nightmare to get off. This protects your nails and helps it come off much easier.

To get them looking super slick like this, I used:

Nail polish remover first; to get any remaining dirt and paint off them. It's available in loads of places but I'm sure you have some of this knocking around your house somewhere already. As you can see; I'm almost out of it...

I then used one of these manicure/ pedicure kits. They use these kind of things in nail parlours to prep and file nails down. These aren't that expensive either. This one came free with my mums foot spa but you can pick them up in most big supermarkets, shops that do cosmetics (Botts, Superdrug, etc) or even Argos for around £10.

I just used the small filing tools to shape my nails into roundish tips and also lightly file off the top layer of nail. Do not overly file or you could damage your nail. I just go over it so that it feels and looks a little rough. I then brushed away the nail dust with the small brush with this kit.

But if you don't have or cant get a hold of one of these kits, you can use a normal emery/nail file board and lightly go ever your nail in one direction, away from the cuticles.

I then used The Body Shops Mango Boby Butter to moisturise my skin around the nails and cuticles. You can use any creme or lotion for this.

To smooth the nail I used one of these things (I dunno what they're called):

It's basically a board with four steps. And you rub it over your nails in the order it says. It doesn't grind any nail off. Each piece of board does what it says. After using it your nails will be really smooth. I didn't use the 'Polish' bit because that makes them shiny and I thought there was not point seeing as I'm gunna paint them... 

You can pick one of these up at most shops where they do nail stuff, in the manicure/pedicure section. I've also see them in Tesco. You can pick one up for about £3 or £4.

To finish, paint your nails with a clear nail varnish or top coat. I recommend using two coats. For this I used Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Nail, in Ice Cube.

I really like this product because it gives a nice finish, it has a wide brush and it's inexpensive. You can get it at a Collection 2000 stand for around £3.

So that's how I got lovely looking natural nails. Give it a go. :)

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