Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bourjois Kabuki Brush

So I've needed and been looking for a decent kabuki brush for a while. However because this would be my first one; I kind of wanted a try out one first. Like I didn't wanna blow 20 quid on a brush I might not even like so I planned to spend no more than £10. (The MAC Kabuki Brush is out of the question then...) Plus I couldn't fathom spending £30 on a brush... (But in hindsight MAC brushes are a good investment!) I wouldn't dissuade you from MAC.

So I looked round, looked round, then went into my regular and one of my favourite sores -Superdrug. I went to the Bourjois counter to browse but then stumbled over their kabuki brush. I was like "Bingo".

I got the brush home and from then on; it has become one of my darlings! This brush is a stunning brush. Its soft on the face. Its dense. Its everything you want from a kabuki brush. It's also a great size on the face and it hasn't started to shed at all, I've had it for a while now too. Not to mention the price - A decent and respectable price of £5. Wow!

This is what mine looks like from the top

This brush is perfect for buffing in my pressed powder just because its so dense. Just use it in circular motions over the face. Also it blends away any unblended make up already on your face such as foundation or concealer whilst buffing in the powder.  However I suggest you don't use it to apply any liquid products as it will soak into the bristles too much.

Now I just hope it lasts me.

Sarah's rating: A super 8/10

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