Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Brush on a Budget

I cant help but notice that make up brushes by higher end brands are the ones that get raved about on the internet. I think MAC needs to let other brushes in on the scene...

Although I do own a few MAC brushes, I don't have the money to buy all the brushes I use from MAC. So, I always keep an eye out far any alternatives to higher end brushes.

I bought my first make up brush when I was around 15/16 as this was when I first started using foundation. I thought as I was using foundation I will need a brush named specifically for applying foundation - now I have learnt that there are different brushes that I can use like stippling ones, round kabuki style ones, etc..) so I bought one from Superdrug from the brand QVS. This brand isn't that well known I don't think but it's brilliant for if your on a budget.

So that's what my brush looks like. It's a usual sized foundation brush, with a long plastic handle.

The bristles are synthetic which are soft but also quite stiff so you have a bit more control. This makes it good to use with liquid foundations. It distributes the product evenly and smoothly around your face. Its also roundly tapered. You have to make sure you keep it flat too.

This brush is flat, so its thinner from the side than the front. With this type of brush - however - they do tend to make the foundation smear a little; so the way I recommend using it is with little strokes rather then pulling the product all over the place and not lifting it off the face.

You might have noticed that my brush has a few stray bristles; but don't be put off by this. I have had this brush for two years now and I use it occasionally. As with all brushes, they do show wear and tear over time. So this is pretty normal.

As this post is titled - this is a brush on a budget. When got this brush, it was really cheap - around £3 to £4, however there's all this recession/credit crunch business going on and has been for a while now. Prices on most things have gone up. It's now £4.79 in Superdrug which is a steal - Much cheaper than a MAC or Chanel brush. It's very good value!

I do quite like this brush - I have to be honest that it's not the best or my favourite but I have had it for a long time and it's very inexpensive, and also gives a smooth finish!

I'd give it a 6/10. So for those of you on a budget - it's the perfect foundation brush for you!

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