Friday, 19 August 2011

Morning Run

Since the summer holidays started I have made a pact with myself that I will go running for a bit every morning. I was gunna join the gym but I thought I'd get bored of it and end up wasting money. Plus running outdoors is nice and a refreshing way to start the day.

Part of the reason I wanted get myself up and running outside before 11:00 (sometimes 12:00) is because last summer; my sleeping pattern was messed up - big time. Doing this daily  - apart from weekend - just helps me regulate my sleeping pattern.

I went this morning and thought I'll blog this because I was so surprised at the weather. This is England. Yesterday it rained quite a bit and quite heavy - it made my sky dish loose signal... But today it's quite nice:

So I went to the park across the road from my which leads to the hills (Or Northala fields as its officially called..) It's alongside the A40. Apart from the speeding cars and noise from the motorway; its quite a peaceful and open place.

This is round the back - the motorway side - but on the other side there's loads of ponds.

Whilst I was jogging I passed this man a few times - he was sitting on a bench - but the last time I passed him, I was on my way back home and he said something about me looking tired or asking me if I was tired... I had my running headphones in so couldn't hear properly. I was just thinking.. 'Yeah, you've just been sitting in the same place for like half an hour' - He could have been judging my running ability... I dunno...

When I was in the field on my way back home - it was still a little sunny but not sunny enough for sunbathing - I see a guy lying in the sun. That's so typical of someone from England; if it looks sunny, lets sun bathe and wear a minimal amount of clothes. The temperature today is only 20 degrees centigrade. Come on...

So yeah...

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