Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I wanted to try this foundation for absolutely ages and when Superdrug had the 3 for 2 offer, it was the perfect excuse to buy it. (And appoligies for the ugly barcode label on it - it's those annoyingly ugly security labels they have in Superdrug which are hellish to get off.) So, there was quite alot of hype on this foundation as most people that have it absolutely love it and it was voted product of the year in 2011; therefore I had high expectations for it. 

From the very instant this nice smelling liquid made contact with my face - I loved it. The consistency of the liquid is quite thin and light - this therefore makes it really easy to apply and blend into the skin. Additionally, the colour match of this is very good - I have it in shade 53 - but it's available in 8 shades - 51 to 58, so those of you who are darker skinned may not find your perfect shade. The foundation has all of these fruit ingredients claiming to boost radiance and give you a perfectly glowing complexion. Yeah, it evens out your skin and gives you a little glow as it has quite a dewy finish, but it's not one of those which gives you a shiny face. And due to the fact it has those fruit extracts - it does have quite a scent - like apricots - so those of you that don't like scented stuff - I probably wouldn't recommend this for you. The only thing I don't really like about the foundation is the packaging. Becuase it's plastic, it just feels so light and cheap, and that there's no product in there. But really, it's the product inside that really matters.

This is available on Bourjois counters, Superdrug, Boots, etc for around £9.99. Overall, this is one of my favourite foundations I have tried and will definitely be a repurchase. It's definitely worth the money.

What's your favourite foundation?

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