Wednesday, 4 January 2012

ELF Eyebrow Kit

(This image is from the ELF website as mine kept uploading sideways :/)
I recently got into grooming my eyebrows more, and wanted something other than a pencil because I'm not a fan of the effect it gives as it very defined and too sharp, I thought this would be a good solution. At first I really liked this product. The brow wax (on the left of the image) is pigmented however it doesn't really keep the brow hairs in place during the daily "norm" activities, it does make the powder stick more to your brows. The powder is again pigmented so overall, it does give your eyebrows more definition and fills in any gaps, which is good.

The cons of this product are firstly - the brush. It's poorly made - the fluffier end for the powder started shedding from the first time I used it and continued to until I changed the brush I used for it (I now just use a regular small angled one) and the other side for the wax just separated  - the bristles grouped up, it kinda looks like a fork (and like you know if you have a full fringe/bangs and throughout the day it gets a little oily and starts to separate..) And additionally, I find it kind of a chore to use as you kinda have to take care when applying both of the parts and I always have to get rid of any outlaying product that has strayed from the outline of my brows..

The packaging is quite nice. I like simple packaging and I just think it looks slick and professional. It reminds me of the NARS packaging, however, this one is just plastic without that rubbery, matt finish. And it also has a little handy mirror.

Overall, the product is okay. I like the concept of it and it's a great alternative way of filling in your eyebrows. It's not terrible but I wouldn't buy it again - I'm probably going to try the Sleek Eyebrow Kit next time.

It's available on the ELF Website (Here) in 4 shades (light, medium, dark and ash (mines in medium)) for £3.50 as it's from the Studio range.

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