Sunday, 8 January 2012

MUA Bronzer

There's quite a bit of hype around MUA products from Superdrug due to the simple fact they're a decent quality and affordable - with loads of their products being only £1! I thought I'd try the bronzer out in Shade 3, and was thinking you can't really go wrong with it being only £1.

The packaging is nicely simplistic, with it being clear plastic casing, I don't mind it - it's alright. The product it's self is kind of "half and half" with me. It's good in the fact that the shade I have (Shade 3) has no shimmer and so would be good for contouring, and I like the pigmentation with it. It's not too pigmented so it doesn't go on dark but you're still able to see it. However I find that in person, (unlike in the photo above) it comes out slightly kind of like terracotta colour (and it has a kind of red-ish tinge). I probably would have been happy if I had a different shade - but this bronzer only comes in 3 shades; and 2 of which have shimmer which I'm not a fan of.

Overall, I'm not really going to be using this product just because of the colour tinge I don't really like with it. But as everyone's skin tones are different; it might not be the same on all skins. Everything else about this product is actually really good though. I'd say, if your debating or thinking to buy it - just go for it, it's only £1.

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