Thursday, 12 January 2012


Acne and spots are just a nuisance. No one likes or wants them, so why can't they just go away? Well, this product may be your answer. I'm no doctor so I'm recommending this product to you with caution. This is a chemical gel, of which contains Benzoyl Peroxide. None of you probably want to know the sciencey stuff; so I'll just keep it simple. It's a creamy white gel and what this does - and is supposed to do - is dry out any spots or pimples you have. And it actually works, so ti gets rid of them. Use it quite sparingly as it does dry out your skin and only use it when you need to. This is not recommended for more than 2 uses a day and must be applied to clean and dry skin - so if you're applying make up - you can do so, after it's dry and it must be oil free make up. 

This is my saviour, but as this is an "Over the counter" product I'd do some research into what it contains and if it's suitable. If you think this product is suitable, I'd definitely go for it and try it. It comes in 3 concentrations - 2.5% (Which I use and would say that's all you need if your using it for occasional spots/pimples), 5% and 10%. If it's your first time using it; buy the 2.5%.

This can by prescribed to you by doctors but if you want to buy it, you have to go to a chemist and ask for it over the counter and they will explain it to you abit. It's around £3 (I think) for 40g worth of product. I couldn't go without this anymore.

What spot treatments do you use?

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