Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sleek Face Contour Kit

I've recently added contouring into my daily make-up routine, (only when I have enough time and can be bothered :P) and before I just used to use a usual bronzer. But when I saw this in Superdrug, I thought it was perfect, and had to buy it. It has two powders; a bronzer and a highlighter which are both really good.

I like the fact that even though they're decently pigmented they're subtle and so you don't have to worry too much about being heavy handed or having huge contrasting patches on your face. The bronzer has no shimmer at all - really good for contouring - and is a really nice shade - it's not orange. The highlighter is shimmery and pearlescent but it's still nice and gives a natural glow.

I really like the packaging of this. It's just nice and compact, and it's also really slick - simple. The mirror also is quite big too which is handy. Another thing I quite like is the outer box it comes in; even though the picture of the woman looks kinda lame and doesn't make it look particularly classy; (It's not the woman herself, it's the fact that she's there - the box would just look more slick if it was more simplistic) I like it because it protects the actual compact from in-store damage (scuffs, scratches, etc) and those bloody annoying Superdrug security stickers which are a nightmare to remove!

Lastly, another little thing what makes this kit really good is that it comes with a leaflet thing which has a    breif and basic step by step guide to contouring. There's so many people I've seen get it wrong.. :P This makes it so much more ideal for new 'contourers'

Overall, this is such a great product and is defiantly worth buying. I don't really have any major faults with it. It comes in 3 shades - light, medium and dark, (Mines in light) and is around the £6.50 mark - is really inexpensive but really worth it.

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